Monday, September 11, 2006

Web Hosting Provider Brinkster Offers Customer Support Through Skype

It is so good to see that companies are appreciating the use of Skype. And not only that, they are using it to the benefit of their customers!

Web hosting provider
Brinkster is offering worldwide customer support through Skype, the company announced recently. The initiative enables Brinkster’s customers to call the company’s customer support center free of charge. "Using Skype is the easiest way for our customers in over 170 countries worldwide to get a live person on the phone. It’s free, it’s amazingly easy, and customers love how reachable our support team is," explained Mr. Jared Stauffer, President and CEO of Brinkster.


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  1. this comment may be a little cheeky... but is there any chance skype's support team are reading?.. lol.