Friday, September 01, 2006

A children’s phone? Or is there still a child inside us..

I am always interested in new Skype phones. I am using different devices, some extremely useful, others a bit less.

Today I found a new phone on the web……… for children or is there still a child inside us?

Verballs - novelty talking Skype telephones
Unless you've got one of the new cordless models, chances are you're say staring at a PC when you make a VoIP call. Which is where the Verballs can help.

The five Verballs available are novelty Skype phones that "bring your callers’ voice to life" as you chat. Each Verball contains a speaker and a hands-free microphone so that you can chat over the internet (but there's also a headphone socket if you want to keep things private). When a call comes in, your Verball’s horns will light up, wave his arms frantically and play your choice of ringtone.

And for when you're not chatting, the Verballs double up as speakers for a PC. Available now from Evesham, they're priced at £29.99 each.
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