'All Sorts Of People !' e-book for sale world wide and listed here

After so many requests from English speaking family, friends, readers and followers from all over the world, I simply could not resist translating my very first Dutch e-book 'Observaties' in English.

I am proud to tell you it is now for sale with many sellers world wide and covers almost every e-book reader or app.
To avoid you searching for my e-book 'All sorts of People' I listed all the sellers below. Just click and you are directed to the book.


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'All Sorts Of People !'

Every traveller, old or young, international or national, meets people. These can be fellow travellers or locals.
You never met them before but while you are observing them, you see a behaviour you didn’t expect. Either nice or strange, it catches your attention. You try hard but you can’t get your head around it. And when you are about to uncover the story behind these people, they leave and you will never know if it is true or a figment of your imagination because you will most likely, never meet them again.
Helen Varras and her late husband travelled Europe with their motor home. They too met many people but observed even more.
Helen is an author of fiction stories and novels and could not resist creating a tale around the people they observed. She wrote many short stories and the first twelve resulted in this e-book.
You will meet people like John and Susan, Roger and Ingrid who live through happy, funny or dubious times.  And no doubt they will remind you of people you met before: “Oh, John, do you remember that woman near the harbour in….”

We wish you pleasant reading!'


“I knew it was fiction but when I finished reading, I wondered how the characters in the book are doing now”

“All Sorts Of People is funny, intriguing and surprising”

“The stories, a figment of the imagination of the author, are based on many trips with the motor home through Europe. Travellers will often recognize the scenes. A lovely book to dream away with”
NKC (Dutch Motor Home Club)

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