Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The days before the wedding

Today is my last day online until September 28.
Everyone who ever got married, knows how much there is to do.
In our case it is not just the preparations for the big day bit there is still so much to do before we can house the 100 friends and relatives who persist to witness our happiness.

Last week our backyard was transformed from a huge heap of clay and building rubbish into a descent green flowery garden with nice corners to enjoy the marvellous view of Friesian fields, dikes and cattle.

The back wall got cemented so all old and diverse bricks are now watertight.
A huge transformation!

Tjep is now painting the outside of the doors and I am painting the floor of our guesthouse.
We will furniture the guesthouse tomorrow for the guests that want to stay overnight.
Yesterday evening we went to Ikea for curtains and bathroom accessories.
All furniture is present, after all we moved to housekeeping’s into 1!!

We also need some more flowers, plants to decorate pots. Not a clue when we find the time to do so but we will manage.
Right now it looks like we will get much rest but we will make that up the 3 weeks after.
We both did not have proper holidays for many years. Last year a few days to the UK and I the year before that, a week to the UK as well.
Nothing booked yet, we will see. First we want to have some peace!

To all my loyal readers: it is good to be back blogging and I definitely will keep doing that from October on.

In the meantime, take great care!!