Monday, March 17, 2008

Skype Multi Chats
Also called Skype Group Chats

You have not seen me here for a VERY long time although I promised not to stay away for weeks again. So now I feel almost ashamed but I have a good excuse: a busy job which I truly love.

My job is with, around and about Skype and its Forum where users can discuss Skype or help each other with Skype relate issues. The Forum is not only a huge source of feedback for the users but also for Skype itself.
One of the great features of Skype is the Multi Chat.
A virtual “ongoing” meeting about what ever subject.
Let’s say you are a member of a club of collectors and you love to talk about your collection, just start a chat on Skype, add more participants, give the chat a name and bookmark it. You will find all this on top of the chat window.
Likewise for business users or family members, conferences etc.

As soon as someone adds information to the chat, no matter where you are on this globe, it will pop-up with all participants and everyone can read and reply whenever they are logged on. No information gets lost and when you log on from a different computer with no chat history, the history of the MC (GC) will loads in seconds to minutes (depending the amount of previous information). And not only that. You can also start with one click of a button, a conference call (up to 10 participants) or send with one click of a button, files to everyone.

The Multi Chat is much loved by the Skype people. They are of course heavy users and communicate a lot!
We can not be called “average users” and Multi Chats are part of our Skype life.

Forum Moderator Támas Henning got curious about the use of Multi Chats with other users and started an interesting Poll on the Forum. You need to be logged on (if you never visited the Forum before, please use your Skype ID and password to log on) to participate in the Poll.

If you read it, you will also see why I haven’t been here for a while……

Please vote!

Guide to Multi / Group Chats