Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Holiday without Skype

The past months have been extremely busy.
Several business trips to Tallinn and one to Prague. Of course all nice and fruitful but together with my 'normal' work at the office at home, I did 60 – 80 hours a week. And yes, I got tired.

I haven’t been on holiday for 6 years. Apart from 4 days per year to lovely Yorkshire. But that is not a proper holiday.
My last holiday, two weeks to Sweden, was in 2001. I was extremely tired at the time and developed a high fever when in Sweden. Home again they checked my blood and it showed I had a badly neglected Glandular Fever.

So, it was time for another holiday and now without a Glandular Fever!!
There were two countries I liked to go to: Sweden (Värmland) and England (Yorkshire). Both beautiful in Autumn, my most favourite season.
A holiday to Sweden is expensive when you go by car and believe me, you need a car.
Thus it was Yorkshire where I was going to stay in the Cottage of my foster brother who is a true Yorkshireman, living in Dortmund for over 42 years.

His cottage is in a small village in Nidderdale. From there it is easy to explore the Dales. Either walking or by car.When I am in Yorkshire, I have usually very good weather and this holiday was no exception. Only one day with rain and many days with a beautiful blue sky.

I have been visiting many places- Europe largest Abbey Ruin “Fountains Abbey”, my favourite Ruin “Jervaulx Abbey”, the abandoned farmhouse in Wharfedale
For the first time since 1978, Ripley Castle was open for tours and of course I went to see it. All other times I was there, the Castle was closed due to renovation, weddings, parties etc.

But I will tell you all much more about the Abbey’s and the Castle at a different time.

First enjoy The Yorkshire Dales as I see them. You can either click the link to my albums or view the slide shows below (or double click the slides).

Right now I am still in Yorkshire and will be fully back at the office and computer on Monday the 29th
Until then, please ignore me, I am enjoying a wonderful holiday!!

Link to Album in Colour

Link to Album in Black and White