Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Skype 2.7 for Mac beta is out

Finally where so many mac users have been waiting for!! Skype 2.7 is out....

Villu Arak reports on Skype's blog:

"We’ve now released Skype 2.7 for Mac beta. With “beta” on the label, there may be some wrinkles, kinks and unsprayed bugs which we’ll remove in time for a public release. With that in mind, feel free to download and play with it.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Group contacts – organize your contacts into as many groups as you need. While there are some pre-defined groups (like Online, Waiting Authorization, Recently Contacted), you’re free to add new ones that suit your life. This should be a godsend to those whose contact list has ballooned to hundreds of Skype users. Explore this nifty feature under the cogwheel icon on the main screen.

  • See your Apple Address Book contacts in Skype - easily call or SMS anyone who has a phone number in their address-book profile. When texting, just make sure the number is one that belongs to a mobile phone.

  • Create and manage public chats by clicking on Chats in the menu bar and choosing Start Public Chat. A public-chat assistant will walk you through the necessary steps.

  • Auto Redial for busy or unconnected calls. When your call hits the busy signal, Skype will give you the option of automatic redial every two minutes until the call goes through. This setting can also be adjusted in Skype > Preferences > Calls.

  • Easy sound-level controls – when you need to tweak the sound level during a call, use a simple slider in the call window.

  • Overhauled file transfer – wearing a more fashionable jacket, file-transfer now looks elegant and acts even nicer, especially when receiving many files at once.

    Download Skype 2.7 for Mac beta at

    Oh, and one last thing: if the default language on your Mac is Czech or Norwegian, Skype 2.7 Mac beta will automatically follow suit. "

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Skype!! Uuhhmm……. Skype what???? (year 2057)

Sometimes my Skype friend Jean Mercier and I have long discussions about life (and Skype of course as part of life).
Tonight we talked about his father and my mother who are unfortunately not at all in good health.

You accept this happens at their age and you know it soon will be your turn.
OK, not soon, hopefully we still have a long time to go, but still.

Jean said that being the eldest of brothers and sisters, statistically he should go first. For me with a younger brother, this is the same.
But in my family from Mum's and Dad's side, it was always the youngest that passed away first with the eldest now being in their 80’s, still reasonable fit or even still going strong.

I told Jean: “you will turn 90 and I will PM you a birthday wish on Skype” (meaning that I, 2 years older, will at least survive him :-))

Then we had the discussion if Skype would still exists in 2057. Here is a challenge for Skype! Different groups of Beta Testers: juniors, middle aged and the tough veterans from the first hour.

But indeed, will Skype still exists or do Jean and I need a complete new way of Electronic Telepathy (which he starts inventing from today just in case….) to communicate from our Homes for Elderly People?

Will Skype be a nice memory?
Jean talking about it as a business tool at the time he also was a Skype SuperUser.

I talking about my great time with Skype as a Beta Testers and Head of Communications and Forum Operations.

Our carers, grand children, nephews and nieces will smile and ask: “How did Skype look like at the time? Old fashioned or already as shiny and efficient as today?”

Or will they ask: “Skype???? What is Skype?????”

(If you already wondered about our avatars and moodmessages, now you know.... )

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pamfax and Skype!

Pamela did it again. This time with PamFax.....

A feature where hundreds of users (maybe even thousands, no… millions ) have been waiting for. And I am definitely one of those millions.

Searching Skype’s Forums you will find many topics about “sending a fax through Skype”.
This is not possible with Skype itself but Dick Schifferli of Pamela and his Team worked hard to build an application for this.

After months of testing (I was so very proud to be one of the beta testers), PamFax is now live!!
Anywhere you are in the world with an internet connection and Skype installed on your computer, you can send faxes. I still remember the very first fax machine and thought it was a true miracle. Again I have the same thoughts about Pamfax.

The costs for sending a fax is very low, only 17 Euro cent (please check other rates). Especially when you only do a few faxes a week or maybe a day like all small business, this is cost saving. Now you can get rid of that extra landline. No subscription to web based fax facilities that cost you nothing to receive faxes but quite a lot of money to send them.

Pay with your Skype Credits. You can reserve some of your credits for it. It can’t be easier!
PamFax perfectly integrates into Windows and Microsoft Office (2003 and 2007). In Windows Explorer, you can fax any supported document from the context menu of the file. A PamFax toolbar button is added to Microsoft Office to directly fax the current document from Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.

And Pamfax stores your recipeints! Once entered, always at hand.

But there is much more. Visit PamFax and learn about this GREAT program!
I can assure you that you will it as much as I do….

The features:

· Simple to use:

o Fully integrated with Skype
o User friendly wizard makes sending a fax a breeze
o Send faxes from Word/Excel 2003/2007
o Easy payment with your Skype Credit

· Preview your fax
· Status notification via Skype Chat, email and/or SMS
· Many supported file types
· Send a fax to multiple recipients
· Portal with fax history and settings
· Add an optional cover page (several choices)
· Send only a cover page with a message
· Reserve Skype Credit for faxing so you can one-click fax

Supported platforms: Windows 2000, XP and Vista

PamFax FAQ's

Friday, August 03, 2007

Being Unfaithful and Skype

First of all I have to apologise to all my readers. I have been rather unfaithful to all of you over the past 4 weeks.
Not that there was nothing to report. On the contrary, there was far too much to post.
Much info on Skype and much to do in my new job with Skype.

A lot of travelling. Running in and out airports in London and Tallinn, my own office, home.
Believe it or not, I love every minute of it but it does not always allows me to do things outside the regular work. Yes,I consider my blog to be work with a private touch, still….

The true Skypers and Skype News hoarders have no doubt, been browsing the Internet so no need for me to highlight interesting news over the past month.

From now on I hope to be up and running Blogwise again.
End of this part of being unfaithful…

So, how can you be unfaithful to Skype?
No, although a Skype addict, I am not married to Skype. And I don’t mean the company but the Skype client, that great wonderful program on your computer.

One of the most wonderful and by me most used features is File Transfer (FT).
I prefer to send PDF’s and use Primo PDF, a great free program (donations welcome) to convert my documents.
Although FT in Skype is fully encrypted, I also prefer my documents to stay the way they are at the other side of the Internet, hence my love for Primo PDF.

E-mail is still the most used way to “transfer” any document to someone else but there are limitations regarding the MB’s let alone GB’s) you can send. And that is what I love with Skype’s FT. You can easily send 1 GB. With a good internet connection it goes without problems.
As a Beta tester I sometimes need to send huge logs which could never been done in any other way then via FT.
Note that there can be a delay when you are also on the phone with Skype.

When receiving the File you can immediately save it to the correct folder. You can open it immediately or leave it in the folder until you have time to view it.
Documents, pictures, logs, presentations, you name it, transfers work like charm with Skype FT.
Forget about the hassle with e-mail attachments: open a new message, add the receiver, write your message, attach your file and send.
You will not even know if it arrived until it is confirmed by the receiver. His / her anti SPAM tool might have refused it. Or he / she is receiving already so much e-mail that yours is overlooked. That happened to a few e-mails I sent this week.
This caused a huge sigh at my side. I screamed: “Please!! Use Skype!”

Why running Skype and being so unfaithful to one of its great, useful, businesslike, quick and easy to use features?

There are more features I am faithful to but will blog about them another time.
Faithfulness is just great! Sharing it even more....

Very useful FT links:
- Peter Kalmström: 6 ways to perform File Transfer
- Jim Courtney : Eight Ways to File Transfer Using Skype