Thursday, August 09, 2007

Skype!! Uuhhmm……. Skype what???? (year 2057)

Sometimes my Skype friend Jean Mercier and I have long discussions about life (and Skype of course as part of life).
Tonight we talked about his father and my mother who are unfortunately not at all in good health.

You accept this happens at their age and you know it soon will be your turn.
OK, not soon, hopefully we still have a long time to go, but still.

Jean said that being the eldest of brothers and sisters, statistically he should go first. For me with a younger brother, this is the same.
But in my family from Mum's and Dad's side, it was always the youngest that passed away first with the eldest now being in their 80’s, still reasonable fit or even still going strong.

I told Jean: “you will turn 90 and I will PM you a birthday wish on Skype” (meaning that I, 2 years older, will at least survive him :-))

Then we had the discussion if Skype would still exists in 2057. Here is a challenge for Skype! Different groups of Beta Testers: juniors, middle aged and the tough veterans from the first hour.

But indeed, will Skype still exists or do Jean and I need a complete new way of Electronic Telepathy (which he starts inventing from today just in case….) to communicate from our Homes for Elderly People?

Will Skype be a nice memory?
Jean talking about it as a business tool at the time he also was a Skype SuperUser.

I talking about my great time with Skype as a Beta Testers and Head of Communications and Forum Operations.

Our carers, grand children, nephews and nieces will smile and ask: “How did Skype look like at the time? Old fashioned or already as shiny and efficient as today?”

Or will they ask: “Skype???? What is Skype?????”

(If you already wondered about our avatars and moodmessages, now you know.... )

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  1. Don't go too deep in future :) realex and take it easy ...