Friday, August 03, 2007

Being Unfaithful and Skype

First of all I have to apologise to all my readers. I have been rather unfaithful to all of you over the past 4 weeks.
Not that there was nothing to report. On the contrary, there was far too much to post.
Much info on Skype and much to do in my new job with Skype.

A lot of travelling. Running in and out airports in London and Tallinn, my own office, home.
Believe it or not, I love every minute of it but it does not always allows me to do things outside the regular work. Yes,I consider my blog to be work with a private touch, still….

The true Skypers and Skype News hoarders have no doubt, been browsing the Internet so no need for me to highlight interesting news over the past month.

From now on I hope to be up and running Blogwise again.
End of this part of being unfaithful…

So, how can you be unfaithful to Skype?
No, although a Skype addict, I am not married to Skype. And I don’t mean the company but the Skype client, that great wonderful program on your computer.

One of the most wonderful and by me most used features is File Transfer (FT).
I prefer to send PDF’s and use Primo PDF, a great free program (donations welcome) to convert my documents.
Although FT in Skype is fully encrypted, I also prefer my documents to stay the way they are at the other side of the Internet, hence my love for Primo PDF.

E-mail is still the most used way to “transfer” any document to someone else but there are limitations regarding the MB’s let alone GB’s) you can send. And that is what I love with Skype’s FT. You can easily send 1 GB. With a good internet connection it goes without problems.
As a Beta tester I sometimes need to send huge logs which could never been done in any other way then via FT.
Note that there can be a delay when you are also on the phone with Skype.

When receiving the File you can immediately save it to the correct folder. You can open it immediately or leave it in the folder until you have time to view it.
Documents, pictures, logs, presentations, you name it, transfers work like charm with Skype FT.
Forget about the hassle with e-mail attachments: open a new message, add the receiver, write your message, attach your file and send.
You will not even know if it arrived until it is confirmed by the receiver. His / her anti SPAM tool might have refused it. Or he / she is receiving already so much e-mail that yours is overlooked. That happened to a few e-mails I sent this week.
This caused a huge sigh at my side. I screamed: “Please!! Use Skype!”

Why running Skype and being so unfaithful to one of its great, useful, businesslike, quick and easy to use features?

There are more features I am faithful to but will blog about them another time.
Faithfulness is just great! Sharing it even more....

Very useful FT links:
- Peter Kalmström: 6 ways to perform File Transfer
- Jim Courtney : Eight Ways to File Transfer Using Skype


  1. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Hi Ike
    I too - love Skype file transfers!

  2. Thank you Peter :-) A great manual!!