Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Long time no see!

It has been a long, very long time ago since I wrote on this blog. Although all good intentions, I never managed to sit down for a written update. My life (I should now say our life) has been very eventful since my last post in July 2008.
So, time to update you all!!

I start with the sad news. Both our Mum’s passed away in the past year.
First my Mother in November at the age of 80. She broke her hip during a nasty fall and due to her heart problems and the way her hip was broken, replacing it or an operation was not possible. My Mother was ready to go to her Father in Heaven and died one week after the fall. We miss her terribly but we are also happy that she does not suffer anymore.
Life got more and more difficult for her. She was a wonderful, special Mum and will not only be missed by us but also by many other people who she always welcomed in her house and heart.

Tjep’s Mother died in March. She too broke her hip. During the night and died that same day during the evening. She was 93, a very blessed age. We do miss her, she too was special and was so happy that Tjep found true love.
We often talk about our Mother’s and although we know they both rest in peace, we would have enjoyed sharing large bits of our lives with them.

Tjep and I moved to a “new’ house in the very North of Friesland.
Although the recession, Tjep sold his house quickly which was a big relief. I rented a little house and leaving it after 9 years of a good and busy life was done in a weeks without too much emotions. Moving on to a new life with Tjep was definitely something to look forward too!Leaving the village was a different emotion: so many people became good friends. Still, it is only 30 minutes driving from our new home and good friends always stay.

Anyone who ever moved house knows how much things one can collect in 9 years. For Tjep it was even 43 years. Sorting it all out with the help of friends and family, took far more time than the actual move! Our new house is far bigger than my old and about the same size as Tjep’s old one. Remember we had to combine to interiors, memorabilia and much more in house.
But we managed and our house looks like if we have always lived here: everything fits perfectly together.
It was not an easy thing to find a suitable house. After all our budget was not endless.
We have seen many houses but either they were too small in size, too large in money, too run down or too modern. But one day, driving around in the beautiful county of Friesland, we noticed a little farmhouse for sale. I remembered that I had seen it before on sale 5 years ago for a ridiculous high price. We phoned the number on the note in the window and were surprised that the price went down so much. But then of course, there has never been any maintenance too the house in all those years.
After viewing it a few times and falling in love with it immediately although the dated look, we made the decision to buy it after we had the house valued and told there was a lot of work to do before we could move in.
The interior was very seventies and we have walls removed that were not original in the house. It was either impossible or extremely costly to bring it back to its original 1920 state but we managed to get as close as possible including the Oxblood red ceiling in the living room.
After 10 months of renovating house and garden (and still not finished but getting close thanks to the effortless patience and help of people around us), moving in half way the renovation (so much dust, no kitchen, no bathroom!!!) we now live in a lovely little farmhouse with endless fields as our view.
We feel fortunate, happy, settled and at home in the county of our ancestors (as well as Tjep’s as mine).

Our love for each other is growing and growing and we have set a date to get married as an affirmation of this love: September 4 – 2009. Still one week to go.............

From September the 3rd till the 28th, I will be off line. No chats, e-mails and away from my still wonderful job at Skype.
By the end of September I will return to this blog and promise to post frequently again.