Friday, October 23, 2009

Skype and the Hungarian Sheepdog called Kuvasz

What does a Kuvasz has to do with Skype? Not much I am afraid.
Although Skype Tallinn is known for loving and keeping pets, I have not seen a Kuvasz yet in the office.
Unfortunately because I love this breed.

Long time ago, back in 1985 I bought my first Kuvasz at the age of 18 weeks. Badly neglected and very ill.
But it had a strong will, good care and medication and it survived.
From a poorly, scruffy dog, it changed into a beautiful healthy, active intelligent dog. She was called Älg (Swedish for Elk).

She definitely was a handful, a mind of her own. But I knew that after reading about the Kuvasz and talking to other people.

I fell in love with the breed after visiting an elderly couple that owned a large male dog called Yoszka.
He was at easy with himself, intelligent, raising an eyebrow when his owner (who really wanted to be the boss………) commanded something.

The decision which dog to look for, was made and Älg arrived.

With enough space in and around the house and Älg being a very friendly dog for other dogs, I bought our second when Älg was two years old. Kuvasz no. 2 came from Sweden from the kennel “Trevnadens” in Mariefred near Stockholm. She was cald Kajsa Kavat (after a book of Astrid Lindgren)

Both dogs got along very well. They were big, beautiful, loyal, furry and loved people.

Unfortunately Kajsa died at the age of 6 due to a brain tumor. It was hard to say goodbye to such a lovely animal.

Älg felt lonely and I looked for a new friend. Again from Sweden came Invandra (Swedish for immigrant).
I collected her when Älg was still at home. How happy she was when she found Invandra in the car!

Both dogs travelled up and down Sweden with me.

Älg died at the age of 12,5 years which is old for such a large breed.

Invandra was 2,5 years old at the time and moved with me from Sweden back to Holland to live in Friesland.

She was very special. Very much at easy where ever she went, hardly barked, very cuddly (especial for kids).
If you can call a dog polite, she was it.

She was my biggest friend and when she died at the age of 12 I cried many, many tears.
I promised myself to get another Kuvasz when living in a bigger house with much more free time on my hands.

But I met Tjep and he already was waiting to get his dog, a Basset Fauve de Bretagne puppy who we called Dée.
One month after we got Dée we also adopted her brother Frits who did not socialize with a breeder who had 10 more dogs.

Although we live in a much bigger house with a much bigger garden, there is no room anymore for a Kuvasz.
We are both very happy with Dée and Frits and are (not yet) temped to buy a Kuvasz.

But you can imagine how tempting it is when dear friends, Han and Marjory Koogje of the Kennel “Egymásra Találtunk”, one of the best breeders I know, call you to tell you that they have 5 beautiful pups looking for a home. (Unfortunately the economical crisis is also hitting them).

Tjep and I tried to convince each other that two very active dogs in the house are sufficient.
And we do not only have d
ogs but also twop cats, a crow, a sparrow and 8 chickes.
We also own a sailing boat but far from big. Easy to hoist two smaller dogs on board but not a bigly like the Kuvasz……

Although we took the decision not to go for a big dog long ago and although we are telling each other how sensible people we are not wanting a third dog, there is with me that homesick feeling for those big white fuury, gentle, much at ease, stubborn friends who were for 23 years part of my life.

I met Han and Marjory Koogje in 1986 being a member of the Dutch Kuvasz Club. A year after I became a Board Member, ever since we are friends.

I got to know them not only as wonderful people but also as responsible breeders. They are stars in socializing pups. Therefore I regret that they can’t find a good home for their last litter. I promised to help them and hope to find new owners through my blog.

Please be aware that the Kuvasz is not a dog for inconsequent people. Reading about the character of the dog is a must. But if you and the Kuvasz are a match, you are a match for life and you will not regret it for a second!

Very important to me is that the Kuvasz is a very old and pure breed. Not manipulated, how good is that uh?

Please visit the site of Ham and Marjory and say hello from me when you get in touch with them.

Links: Breed Description Character Egymásra Találtunk e-mail Egymásra Találtunk