Monday, September 18, 2006

Campus may ban Skype

Is Skype safe? A question we often hear (and see on the Forum). Yes. Skype is encrypted end-to-end because it uses the public Internet to transport your voice calls and text messages and sometimes these calls are routed through other peers. Skype encryption ensures that no other party can eavesdrop on your call or read your instant messages.

What about virusses? There is no risk when using Skype only for calls and instant messages. With Skype's File Transfer ability, one should take precautions when accepting files from other parties, just as with any email program or other file transfer programs or files.

Unfortuntely the San Jose State University doubts this. It is even thinking and talking about banning Skype.

The people who are against the program may have concerns about worms and viruses obtained through Skype eventhough Skype is a tool that some teachers use in the classroom. If Skype is no longer permitted on the SJSU campus, it will be a disadvantage to educators as well (as to students).

Although the decision isn't made yet, it does look like a possibility (

I would like to advise the San Jose State University to study Skype before even to consider banning it....

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