Friday, September 08, 2006

Special people: Gré

In the ‘gallery’ of special people, I already introduced
Micheaux and Azri to you.
Today I proudly introduce Gré, a very special Dutch lady who I met on Skype’s Forum.

One of the regular posters in the SkypeMe and Discussion Forums was Andrew.
A real English gentleman with a good sense of humour.

One of Andrew’s contacts was/is Gré and it was Andrew who introduced me to her.
Gré and I have a weird sense of humour in common (you already might have noticed that homour is important in my life).
We chatted about silly things and laughed a lot.
I remember one evening that during one of those silly chats, Gré didn’t reply as quickly as she used to do.
But then I received a message: “Hi, I am Gré’s husband. Gré sits on the floor, wiping the tears of her cheeks. She has a fit of laughter and can’t reply for a while…”

It is amazing that even though the Internet is in between (interpretations of moods and words can be difficult) Gré and I always sense our moods.
But it is not always fun, we do have serious talks too.

Gré went through difficult periods. The divorce from her first husband, the death of her mother due to a terrible accident a year ago and her mother in law due to Cancer only recently, her successful struggle with overweight (she is a beautiful slim lady now!) and less sad but very annoying, all the rain that flooded the street and house she lives in.

To me Gré is special because she is a fighter. She is fighting her way to a better life and she is very successful in this.
She married a wonderful man who does not only love her to bits but who also respects Gré’s strong character.
She is a caring mother who is raising her kids with love and humour.

For the elderly people in a nursing home, she is an extremely human nurse and carer.
The way she talks about her “patients” is realistic, touching and full of love.

Not a computer expert at all, she arrived on Skype’s Support Forum in 2005, listened and talked to people and is now a Moderator at the
Dutch Support Forum for Skype related issues.
She is doing courses to learn more about IT because she is curious, eager to learn.
Her once basic English is improving rapidly.

Besides this, she is also improving her professional nursing skills by studying.
I don’t know how she is managing but she does.
And she never lost her special and sharp sense of humour. Gré remains who she is deep down her Heart but is growing mentally in the same time.

Both fond of the UK, Gré and I promised each other to go to England one day. A short trip but England will know we have been there!
I look forward to this trip and will update you readers, when it happens.

Gré… “proost”!! To your health, family, study, future and well… to the person you are!!

Meet Gré

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  1. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Congratulations Gre on getting into word !!

    I've known Gre since November and there are 2 things she does not like - one is being called cute and the other are sprouts

    But other than that she is a wonderful caring person and having mastered english is about to start learning spanish

    Andrew (as mentioned in the Blog)