Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bye Bye Freetalk…

Freetalk is going to disappear.
From 19th September 2006, this internet phone service will no longer be supplied by the existing freetalk network, but by Vonage.

“The VoIP market in the UK has been slower to take off than we envisaged,” DSG International chief executive John Clare was quoted as saying in a
published report. “We still believe VoIP is coming, but it is going to come more slowly.”

Dixons launched Freetalk in September 2005, however, the service has reportedly been plagued by QoS issues, prompting some customers to defect and leading to slow growth. Brisk competition and the resulting low profit margins also reportedly factored into the company’s decision.

Interestingly, the decision comes just as the company launched a new door-to-door technical support service called “TechGuys.” Similar to “Geek Squad” in the US, the TechGuys service computers and other consumer electronics.DSG International is one of the largest online electronics retailers in the world and owns several retail store chains including Dixons, Currys and PC World.


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