Sunday, September 03, 2006

Skype beyond our earthly existence

We already know that Skype is not only a great Internet Telephony Program but it is also great for chatting and brainstorming.

Jean Mercier and I occasionally use Skype for playing with words. Both being multilingual, this is great fun. We can mix words to silly sentences and add whole new dimensions to expressions, emoticons and the use of Skype.

We both love Skype and are more or less addicted to it. It was Jean who caused my Skype Blog fever. He sent me the link of his blog 24 hours after he started it. I liked it so much and a few hours later I sent him the link of my blog. Ever since, we post almost daily, no competitors: we have different subjects and a different lay-out.

We talked about using Skype for ever, even when we do not wander around on Mother Earth anymore as human beings.

Already there is so much possible with Skype and
third parties plug in’s like leaving your computer at home, going anywhere with an Internet connection, using remote control and log on to your computer.

When I finished my Cancer Treatments in 2004, I ‘signed up’ for living another 50 years so without any doubt, I will witness even more revolutionary inventions.
With Video we can see eachother no matter where we are. And not only that, we can talk too!
Unyte we can share each other’s desktop, viewing documents or even better, work on it together.

Will we be able to extend the remote control options? If so, the conversation of 29-08-2007 with Jean about
7.000.000 users on-line, would make a lot of sense……..

Jean: I promise you we will reach the 7.000.000 today and I keep my promise, even if I drop dead in 2 minutes!

Me : you wouldn’t be able to blog anymore. Give me your password and your story and I blog it and honour you posthumous.

Tstststssssssss……. I use the Alpha version of Skype to chat and call with the hereafter. It also works the other way round; I can log on to my desktop via Unyte and blog it myself.

If only…………………

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