Sunday, September 03, 2006

Grandma for sale…..

We often come across unusual Forum posts. But tonight I replied to one I have never seen before: someone sold his/her grandmother……

User: Hello. I am a bit of an idiot and am wondering if someone less idiotic may be able to help as my question is evidently not frequently asked. How the hell do I change my skypeout bank details? I want the money to come out of a different account now that I have sold my Grandmother and become a little better off than before. The 'accounts' page doesn't seem to lead anywhere useful...

QUOTE now that I have sold my Grandmother UNQUOTE

User: She had to go. The new owners are very happy and take her to bingo on Mondays. My dad visits every so often and takes biscuits. It's great - I have a new car.

You confuse me.... you sold your grandmother. The people who bought her are now the new owners of your grandmother... (sad face) And for the money they paid for her, you bought a new car???

User: This is correct. It is a pick-up truck, like the one on baywatch but red. Grandma would have loved it.

Now it is your turn my dear blog reader…


  1. LOL, is this a joke? Weird!

  2. As I recal, a guy in the UK once sold his mother on Ebay (only few months ago)... ah ahah, didn't follow it through so cannot tell you the outcome of that one but I think it was reported on the Trisha show. Just thought i'd share that lil thought.