Monday, September 04, 2006

Skype hands free

It is well known how much I love my Bluetooth Headsets. I use three, not the most up to date ones but they are of a very good quality.
The Sony Erics
HBH - 600 during driving, the HBH - 608 for one of my Skype accounts and the Logitech Mobile Freedom is my loyal and faithful back-up.

Running different Skype accounts on one computer, I also use different sound devices.
Next to Bluetooth, I also use the
Tiptel Cyberbox 250 which allows me to use my landline and Skype with my DECT phone. Being an official dealer of Titpel Netherlands is not the reason why the 250 is my favourite ‘toy’, it is a great and useful product which also allows me to call my Skype contacts from any other landline or mobile.

Another useful product is the
Polycom Communicator which offers not only hands free calling with Skype but also conferencing due to its two microphones. I have been Beta testing this useful product and was impressed by its functionality and sound.

It is useful, looks nice and because it is small, it is easy to take it anywhere your laptop goes.
And if you need private conversations, just plug in your earphone.
The Skype certified Communicator is available in a sophisticated bleu colour.
Agreed, 129 US Dollars isn’t cheap but it is worth it.

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  1. Hey Ike! :) I have ordered for myself this one. It's only very hard to get here, but I saw on reviews that it's supposed to be very good, so hope it's worth the troubles. It's not bluetooth but I wanted a 2.5mm chinch jack one with volume control for 20 € max (and since it's for my dualphone which doesn't support bluetooth headsets anyway, it's great I guess). But interesting to hear you prefer bluetooth one because some people complain about quality issues with bluetooth headsets!