Monday, September 11, 2006

Vox for Skype

I mentioned VoxLib in an earlier
blog post. A solution I was looking forward to.
I signed up for the free copy and was more than happy to receive an e-mail today with the download link.

It was busy on the site. It took me an hour before I could download. Who cares? It is for free and it is useful.

Useful?? After the download, installation and the restart of Skype, it took me at least 10 calls before I got connected to Vox.
Yes, yes, I went to the
FAQ section after viewing all the demo’s, read everything that could be read, tried everything to could be tried but only after quitting and restarting both Skype and Vox again, I got connected to the Vox voice who guided me through the options.

Option 3 (see who is on line) did not work via my mobile.
Option 1 and 2 did not work the first time. I had to go through the whole process again.

But then……. When I tried again, it got disconnected because Skype said I was busy.
Busy??? I was set to on line, no other calls, no chats…. It did not even ring once! And I also received a Vox warning pop-up about my SkypeOut credits being below 0,5 USD. Strange, I had more then enough Euro's to spend.

I quitted Skype and after a restart all was ok again. Still option 3 did not work from my mobile.

OK, my landline. I called my SkypeIn, pressed my PIN when I heard the Vox voicemail telling me I wasn’t on line and to my great joy, I ended up with the option menue.
I pressed 3 to see who was on line. And 3, and 3…. and 3….
Finally a voice of an American lady who sounded like a robot under water, summed up the names of my on-line contacts.

I know, you can’t expect a robot to pronounce my international contacts right. Though the names she mentioned made me laugh. Apart from the robotic sound, the pronounciation of the Estonian, Dutch and German (actually all non-English) names was comical and I had to listen well to find out who she was talking about.

Maybe the Vox server is overloaded; I am not immediately going to yell it isn’t working or useful. I will try again in a day or two when in Estonia (maybe the names will be pronounced correctly then… ;-))
But right now, I am not really impressed.

But please let this not stop you from blowing the VoxLib trumpet….. Love to see your comments.

PS I would like my own voicemail message instead of the standard Vox one... it is so... eeehhh... American!

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  1. does this system only work when you have a skype IN number ? I live in Malaysia / S.E. Asia where there is no Skype IN numbers yet, which makes this system very limited.