Friday, September 01, 2006

How to Install Skype

For some (and definitely the Wiz kids) no problem at all, for others it can be; visit our Support Forum and read the basic questions.

Skype offers starters-help by going to
Skype -> Help -> Getting Started and advanced help through the knowledge base, but not everything seems to be clear to everyone. Understandable as it is getting more and more advanced.

But there is help. Harry Max and Taylor Ray wrote the book ‘Skype, The Definitive Guide’

About the authors:

Harry Max is a consultant and professional development coach who works with visionary technologists. As an early Web pioneer, Harry designed the first secure online shopping cart (Virtual Vineyards/ and founded Public Mind, an online customer feedback system used by Google, Handspring, Foveon, the DMA, Kontiki, QuickArrow, and Skype. Harry is an active member the Board of Advisors of the Information Architecture Institute and speaks frequently on such topics as "Innovation is Improv." He is currently working on solutions for identity theft prevention.

Taylor Ray is an avid Skype user and former Deloitte & Touche consultant who now spends her time helping smart people become better understood. She has undergraduate degrees in linguistics and neuroscience and a graduate degree in adult education. Taylor splits her time between Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, where she is developing a career in comedic film and television.

For more info about the Guide and how to order, go

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