Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The mobile phone

What a wonderful tool. Like most of my (computer) hardware, mine are of a Swedish brand: Sony Ericsson.
I use the Z600 as it can do almost everything. I even have two of them in use.
I can read my e-mails, browse the net, use it instead of or as an extension of my Skype and landline calls and my subscription is so very cheap.

I love my mobile(s). I still remember somewhere in 1995, my very first one: a big black box of 4 kilo’s (didn’t fit in the pocket of a shirt..!!) but it was a miracle. Being in the middle of nowhere in Sweden, I could phone all over the world (don’t ask for the rates please…) and people could call me. And if I wanted to be left alone, I switched it off.

Then a newer model arrived, much smaller but still bigger then the modern ones we use today. In Holland we call those oldies “fridge” because of the size. Then all of a sudden the phones became so small that when someone was holding it to his/her ear, you thought that person had a headache or an ear problem. But no, there was a mobile phone in the palm of their hand.

But you can do so much more with a mobile! With faster chips, bigger and brighter screens and Internet data capability, mobile phones have evolved beyond mere phone calls. The services will probably add a few Euro’s to your monthly bill, and, for most, you'll need an Internet data plan. But just knowing it's possible is, well, good to know.

Read about the possibilities, nicely listed by TAMARA CHUANG of The Orange County Register.

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