Sunday, September 24, 2006

San Jose State University may ban Skype: continuing story

I blogged about the San Jose State University
It keeps bloggers and readers busy. Many articles have been written since. Russel Shaw’s headline mentioned “clueless, paranoid and Luddite”

The good news (for how long) is that the ban has been put on hold in the face of fierce objections from students and staff members.
Administrators said they would meet with eBay, the owner of Skype on Tuesday in order to give the San Jose-based company an opportunity to address the university's concerns about network security. Security........ viruses?? Those little nasty viruses "associated" with Skype?

Don Baker, interim associate vice president of university computing and telecommunications, said: “If they could point me to some other colleges whose network security has been breached by Skype, then I would be willing to consider their point.
But until you can, I will call them what they sound to me: a clueless “what if “ Luddite.


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