Sunday, September 10, 2006

My name and the Internet

Ike (pronounced Eeka). A name chosen by my parents because they liked it.
I should have been named after my father’s mother (who was annoyed when I wasn’t) but my parents did not like the name Frederika.

My mother’s mother did not like her own name Klazina and asked all her children to promise her not to name a child after her. My grandmother died in 1966 and it was only since then that a grandchild was called Klazina.

Back to the name Ike.
My name is well known as a boy’s name: Ike Eisenhower (never say “I like Ike” to me!!!), Ike Turner (sorry, I can’t sing…).
I found out it is an old Germanic name which in Holland is mainly still in use in Friesland. The Germanic meaning is: ‘Strong as a boar’. A compliment? I leave that to the ones who know me…

But Ike also comes from the Hebrew name Isaac and means laugh, laughter. Ah, this is more me!

The name was given to me when the Internet didn’t exist. When no one had ever heard of e-mailing, websites, web-logs let alone Skype, in 1955!

But to my surprise Ike has everything to do with the Internet.
IKE stands for Internet Key Exchange.

You already knew that Ike is
- the founder and owner of Varras Consultancy
- Skype Super User
- Skype Community Moderator
- blogger of Skype Lifestyle
- living in Friesland
- isn’t Frisian

But did you also know that Ike
- is defined in RFC 2409
- uses a Diffie-Hellman key exchange
- incorporates parts of the proposed Oakley protocol
- has a lot of configuration options
- ‘s specifications are open to a not insignificant degree of interpretation
- “Version 2” has been proposed to address a number of concerns, including Denial of Service protection from spoofed packets?

Ah….. what’s in a name…..


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  1. Anonymous12:27 pm

    What is IN a name?! How about this one Gré ? (Graduate Record Examinations)
    When people hear this one they are back to there testing days :)
    Cold sweat and shivers but i hope they won't have that reaction when talking to me though :(
    Byeeee Gré