Sunday, February 04, 2007

45+ and keen to use Skype

About a year ago, I added a 13 year old teenager to my contacts. A great kid with an own view on life and he became a special contact.

One of the first things he said to me was: “Just browsed your profile, it is good to see the older generation working with computers” (I am the same age as his grandmother

Shame he never met my great uncle who went to a home for elderly people when he was 89.
His children and grandchildren bought him his very first computer for his 90th birthday. He went to a computer course and from then on he designed the complete lay-out of the monthly magazine for the home he lived in. I was so proud of him!
Unfortunately uncle got ill at the age of 94 and passed away two weeks later.
For me 94 wasn’t old, for my teenage friend 50 was very old.

To me it didn’t come as a surprise that Britain’s mums and dads are becoming more Internet-savvy than their children according to a report out today from Birmingham Midshires. I can’t find any survey’s for mums and dads outside the UK but I think there will not be much difference.

Not only are the over-45s skype-ing (15%), VOiP-ing (13%) and popping up on MySpace, YouTube and Second Life (15%), they are driving the boom in online price comparison and e-griping. The findings come as Birmingham Midshires launches its first quarterly Life 2 report. Throughout 2007, Life 2 will examine different aspects of the lives of over-45s and will challenge traditional perceptions of this age group.

The report mentions different types of Internetters. Amongst them the so called “Info-Jockeys”. Accounting for around 7% of the over-45s, these ‘pragmatechies’ are the keenest to use tools such as Skype on their mobiles and are early adopters of tech tools they can use to enhance their work.

Peter MacBride, author of Brilliant Internet for Over-50s, added: “Gone are the days when over-45s saw the Internet as a gadget solely the preserve of techies and the younger generation. Instead, today’s over-45s are exploiting the Internet to their own end. These are smart consumers who are not scared of new technology but rather embrace it because of the important benefits it offers, saving them time, effort and money.”

Interesting to see that us “oldtimers” are not doing too bad at all!

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