Saturday, February 24, 2007

Small Talk

It is finally Saturday, I know it was Saturday last week and the week before and…
But this time it felt like the week lasted a month instead of 7 days. Everyday I tried to squeeze 72 hours into 24.
(Skype-phone) meetings, the forum, Tracer, Opvion, Agile, Matter Solutions, my other clients, my own administration, applications due to my ad for co-workers, blogging and reading and of course the odd household job.

So today’s blog post is not about SkypePro, Public Beta, Skype and FCC, mobiles, Bluetooth etc. No, today is just Small Talk.

I am tired although I will continue working today. Still lots to do at the office and still lots to do to my new bedroom. I managed to paint the laths for the wooden wall and the doorpost so hope to finish that today.Yesterday evening after food shopping I also bought laths for the little window. With the weather being so nice and Spring-like, the mosquito’s are back. I am fortunate in a way that they don’t like my blood but gosh, I dislike their zooming so much.
You can’t really blame them, they have been zooming at the attic for 30 years and all of a sudden I “live” their. Still, I need to make a wire-blind to keep them out but the window frame needs to be done first. All little jobs but all together they can be time-consuming.

Waking up at the attic is one great pleasure. I have many trees at the back of my house and listening to the birds (and Ug who rejoined her friends) makes me feel rich. Closing my eyes I can even imagine being back in Sweden. Also the sound of the wind in the trees makes me happy. And all for free!
I still don’t have a curtain for this little window so I can watch the full moon passing by and not only through the window but also reflected in the mirror on the opposite wall.
The same for the sun during the mornings and it fills me with energy.

Tomorrow is my day off. My brother and his family are coming to spend the day with Mum and of course I will be there too. And I am much looking forward to it.
Mum’s heart is deteriorating which hurts watching her. It has to be her very strong spirit that keeps her going.
My respect for my mother is endless. She did not live an easy live with my father being ill for 24 years, the foster children and us but she loved being a wife, nurse, mother and friend. She lived tropical years so it is a miracle on its own that she is still around at the age of 79. Still smiling, still an open ear for all who love to talk to her, a shoulder to those who need a good cry.

Every day starts and ends with a cup of “Wiener Melange” at Mum’s and we talk about numerous subjects. Although nearly blind due to her diabetes she didn't loose interest in what is going. Mum listens to news from all over the world as to documentaries and discussion programs. She reads spoken books and a reader myself, we discuss those.
It will be so empty when she isn’t around anymore. We make the best of the time we spend together.

For now breakfast… yummy. Then a walk with the dog, a chat with Mum and back home…... back to where I started the Small Talk.

Enjoy your weekend, love and hug the people who are dear and close to you. Smile at the sun, dance in the rain, run through the snow. Where ever you are, have a great day.

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