Sunday, February 04, 2007

Skype for Dummies

Susan Abdulezer commented on my post about "
Greet", the Dachshund who barks with her friends over Skype.

I clicked on Susan's name and arrived at the site "
Skype for Dummies". Loren and Suzan Abdulezer and Howard Dammond are the co-authors of the book with the same name.
Niklas Zennström (Skype's co-founder) wrote the foreword.

The book is devided in 5 parts:

1) Getting Started with Skype
2) As You Like It: Skype Your Way
3) Calling All Seasoned Skypers
4) The Professional Skyper
5) The Part of Tens
Appendix A: Skype Multilanguage Support
Appendix B: Skype Tips and Tricks Guide

A wonderful written book for not only the Skype newbies but for everyone who wants to know all about the ins- and outs of using Skype. A must have for every Skype lover and those who think Skype is "just another IM application" (it is not! )

The website "Skype for Dummies" is an extension to the book. In it the co-authors will be adding lots of information, ideas, stories, and updates. In the weeks to come there will be a steady flow of articles, factoids, product reviews, and a lively discussion about the emerging cyber-culture centered around technologies like Skype.

Thanks you Susan for commenting on Greet's story!

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