Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Feeds, Feedback and Key Words

When I started my blog, I subscribed to FeedBurner A great tool to burn your feeds.
Recently they launched FeedFlare and that is a tool I really like.

FeedFlare allows publishers to easily build “interactivity” into the content they create, making it simple for subscribers to tag, email or share their content with others. Publishers can include a variety of services including a live display of the number of comments to each post, the ability to email the author directly and show the number of blogs that link to their item. Publishers can choose to include FeedFlare within the feed itself as well as on their blog or site.

With great interest I daily view the stats, especially which search options did bring readers to my blog.
Already for some time, I see that “cheating husband PalTalk” is a very favourite subject.
Indeed I once wrote a story about tracking an unfaithful husband via PalTalk.
I clicked the links in the Feed stats and ended up with a list of articles about this phenomenon.

A spring-board to braking up relation ships often seems to be a Dating site.
For what ever reason (they differ enormously reading the stories) men in a relationship log on to Dating sites.
It starts with browsing. Next a brief profile, an old “shimmery” picture, maybe the 'little' lie of being single.
The excitement of being there and being admired by other women, is taking shape, temptation is hard to resist.

But………….. if other women can contact them, their own partners can do that too!
It is very tempting to log on to sites if a woman thinks her partner is (cyber)unfaithful. If the man is talking to a woman, how will he know it is not his own wife gathering evidence? Scary….

No doubt the other way round is happening as well but my stats don’t tell me because I never tried to trace a cheating woman.

Another returning popular post is the one about my cold. At first it puzzled me.
OK, I blogged about it but why on earth are people looking for posts about a cold? But when I looked at the keywords in the search options that lead to my post, some of them were “Avatar” and “Icon Profile
Interesting…. I indeed wrote about an Avatar designed by my Moderator colleague Carola Clavo.

Listening to the stats, one should be able to write a blog post with only popular key words.
It wouldn’t need to make any sense at all but it would work perfectly to draw people to your blog.

What about:

My female cheating Avatar who never used PayPal to fool her sick husband who caught a cold, put her profile on a Dating Site.
While chatting on Skype, beta testing Joost and voting in Estonia, she replied to co-workers who use Bluetooth to connect to the Internet with a protected password. Running out of Skype credits she went for SkypePro to subscribe to the Agile course. The Mac and Windows notebook aside the Pocket PC, made much noise due to dusty ventilators which caused a high CPU. She downloaded Speedfan and viewed the total online users at Skype.

Complete rubbish but with a lot of popular key words!!


  1. Looking forward to see if your "female cheating" is really cheating the world, and boosting the visitors on your blog. Nice try!

    And by the way: females cheat ;-)

  2. If there ever comes a day in our Life Jean, that we are bored, let's write a book together, e.g. "Cyber Cheating" :-)
    We have good stories to start with!