Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Back up your files

The nightmare of everyone working on a computer is to loose your important data.
This problem is slightly solved with external disks. Mine has 180 GB space. But…… I am not always at my own office but are known to dwell at times. And I do not carry it around in my laptop bag.

But technology is evolving and remote access to your backup’s is possible.My provider UPS is offering it too but for a monthly fee I am not really interested in.

Today I received a link from one of my clients about “
Mozy” Online Backup which (not unimportant) is also supporting Windows Vista. Unfortunately they do not support Mac.
They are offering Mozy Unlimited for only 4,95 USD/month and Mozy Free.

It is very easy to install and configure, even for PC dummies.

What do you get:
- secure storage (free or unlimited for $4.95/month!)
- Open/locked file support
- Block-level differential backup
- 128-bit SSL support (to secure your data during transport)
- 448-bit Blowfish encryption (to secure your data on our server)
- Continuous or scheduled backup options

I am aware that some might question storing their “stuff” elsewhere as one of my contacts put it but I feel comfortable with the idea that I can access a backup of my most important data no matter my location.


  1. I think it's easier and more secure to have your own website domain. Then just place your files inside a zipped folder (which can be password-protected), upload the zipped file to your website and then password-protect the website directory. Then if you need the files, you can access your website directory online and download the files you need.

    Why is this better than say Mozy? Mainly because with a domain, it's yours as long as you pay for it and if the hosting company announces they are closing, you can move your domain to another hosting company. With a company like Mozy, they could go out of business at any moment (without much warning) and at the same time, your files are lost forever if they shut their servers down.

    Alternatively, you can buy a USB flash drive and place your documents on the flash drive. You can then carry it around in your pocket. This is what I do.

  2. All good points for those who own a website.

    USB stick is a nice alternative as long as you don't loose it :-)