Sunday, February 04, 2007

Use Skype to bark your friends

One of my Skype contacts recently got a new friend in her life, a Dachshund called Greet. She started a blog about Greet which is amusing to read. Always been a dog breeder, she loves them and sees the funny side of them. Besides that she is a great writer.

I will translate her story about Greet and Skype. For those who read Dutch, please visit her blog


I wrote before that with Skype the world opens up for you, or did Skype say that?
The same for Greet. Besides de "ordinary” new world she is trying to understand, there is also Skype.
Using human legs to climb an office chair was a discovery. More fun for her then for me because I now often sit with a Dachshund on my lap. Sometimes there is a sound from the microphone which triggers dogs; they start barking.
So I introduced Greet to a barking James and Noury via Skype.
To get to know each other before they meet

Maybe Greet would also like to bark to Skype's mascotte "


  1. Ike,

    I love this story! As one of the co-authors of Skype for Dummies (I wrote it with my sweet husband) we would have loved to include it as a sidebar.

    While we largely wrote about the mechanics of using Skype and extending it's capabilities (as that is what Dummies books primarily do) we were ever sensitive to the human side (we hadn't considered the canine side!). In providing clear tools for video, chats, avatars, skypecasts, and more, we hoped to add a measure of fun, and nuance, to the basic need to communicate with each other.

    So, thank you again for making me smile...and I extend an "arf" in friendship to Greet...too bad you haven't posted a movie!

    Sincerely, Susan Abdulezer

  2. Hello Suzan,

    Thank you for your comment! I will ask the happy owner of Greet (Lia) if their is a movie of Greet barking with her friends.

    I don't think Lia will mind you getting in touch with her via her blog (see link in Greet's story).