Sunday, February 11, 2007

Stay safe, install Skype

My mother is looked after by some very nice ladies who either nurse her or keep her house clean.
One of them lives nearby. She is a wonderful lady, married with 2 great kids.

Her husband is a highly skilled serviceman with
KPN and problem solver. He is polite, nice, calm and clients like him very much. Needless to say he is a busy serviceman. Let’s call him Tommy.

Last week he was visiting a rather demanding family who claimed to have received the wrong telephone. He was asked to have a look and to discuss what they wanted to make sure they were going to deliver the right phone.

When he arrived, the family was annoyed and wanted the right phone straight away. They were impatient, angry, impolite and the two muscular sons, blocked the doors when Tommy wanted to leave to organize a correct delivery.

The whole family got all of a sudden extremely angry, locked the doors and changed into hostage-takers.

They shouted at him that he could call his boss to tell him they would hostage him until someone else was going to deliver the phone. They were trying to frighten him with abusive language and attitude.

I already mentioned that Tommy has a calm nature and even though being a hostage all of a sudden, he remained calm. Unfortunately, talking did not help and he got his mobile out of his pocket.
The family thought he was going to call his boss and were quite satisfied with what they achieved by threatening him.

But no, Tommy phoned the police to whom he explained he was kept as a hostage.
This was something the family didn’t expect, the woman got frightened, pushed her muscular son away, unlocked and opened the door and told Tommy to leave as soon as possible.

Tommy left for the police station where he told his story and from where he called his wife to tell her he was OK (although she did not know what happened of course!).

It looks like people get more and more abusive, even when it is about an ordinary phone.

So, stay safe, stick with Skype……


  1. Scary story! But keep in mind, nowadays it's even possible to have Skype phones and so one could have got them the wrong wi-fi Skype phone! ;)


  2. Norman Musgrave5:24 pm

    Sometimes, I feel like an 'on-line' Tommy when trying to sort out a problem on the Forum!
    I'm sure you must too, Ike.