Monday, February 05, 2007

Skype based Co-workers

Varras Consultancy is a Skype based Secretarial- and Answering Service.
Our main goal is answering forwarded incoming Skype calls from
one-man / one-woman companies but we are expanding our services.
The Internet is our office which means that our clients can be based anywhere in the world.

Varras Consultancy is founded in 2006 and looking back on an exiting year with wonderful opportunities for the future.
Being known world wide means working world wide. Therefore we are now looking for international co-workers who run their office from home, who are looking for part time work and who have a knowledge of how to work with the program Skype.

Please note that although I am a Moderator at Skype’s Forum, Varras Consultancy is not a support channel for Skype. Of course we do offer our clients Skype support which is part of the subscription.

Our co-workers can also be located world wide and at this very moment we are looking for a

telephonist / secretary (m/f)

in the Californian, Uk and Dutch time zone

Your required skills if you like to work for us:
A solid knowledge of the English language (and for Holland also Dutch), secondary languages very welcome
A reliable broadband Internet connection
Good knowledge of the Skype Program and interested in learning more
Excellent USB sound device
Excellent communication skills
Experienced in using programs such as Word, Excel and Remote Control
A non criminal back ground which will be checked by a Security Company

If you think you would like to work for us in the near future, please contact me at

And if you are too busy to work for us but you know someone who would, please forward the link of this blogpost!
Looking forward hearing from you

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