Thursday, February 15, 2007

Agile Best Practices

March 19: “Agile Best Practices” course In Amsterdam

Varras Consultancy and Business Play are pleased to invite you to attend a one-day introductory course in agile concepts and practices, presented by John Hammink, agile architect and practitioner. The course takes place on Monday, March 19, in Amsterdam (venue to be confirmed). Instruction is aimed at students, entrepreneurs and programmers who want to know more about agile best practices and how to apply them to their projects. Through hands-on workshops, the student will learn how to:

* Envision
* Analyse
* Realise
* and Reiterate

. . . turning ideas into reality quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. The course does not focus on any specific tool or methodology but, rather, it aims to provide a general understanding of agile best practices and benefits.
John has 15 years of experience implementing agile practices in real-life situations; as architect of the Skype certification program and providing pre-certification consultancy to audio, hardware and software companies in Europe, US, Asia and South America.

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Booking Info:
The fee for the one day course including lunch is 149 euro per student, payable in advance via PayPal. To book your place and to receive your booking form, please contact :

* Triona Carey:
* Varras Consultancy:
* Business Play:

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