Monday, January 29, 2007

Skype: gateway to the world

From the age of 19 when I started to work for Massey Ferguson Holland, I have been fascinated by languages.
They open up a different world. You get access to people with different cultures, believes, food and much more.
I can’t stand it when I visit a country where I can not understand the people. I feel like an alien.
Because I prefer the Northern countries (I have visited warm countries though!!), I learned Swedish, German and English besides my own language Dutch, to be able to learn more about the county and its people.

Being a tourist is nice, but you do miss out acting like a tourist with a host who translates everything to you and who guides you to tourist attractions.

Since the age of 17 when I went abroad all on my own (a very uncommon thing to do for a teenage girl in the early 70’s) I love to wander around on my own in different places.
Being on your own you can choose to talk to people or to be left alone, depending of your facial expression.
Not smiling: people leave you. Smiling: they talk to you.

Being an international telephonist and receptionist has always been a red lead throughout my working life and I enjoye it. Of course I have also been working for local or national companies but missed the international part tremendously.

Skype is for me the gateway to “international” and working with Skype for my international clients is a wonderful part of my life.
I spend many hours in the office and to me, with
Varras Consultancy I have definitely chosen the best way to do that.

Would I like to be back with a local or national company again? No, I won’t. My world would feel smaller although I will still talk to my international friends but that is different.

I know that many people feel comfortable living in the area they were born, close to their family and friends, the same job since they left school, being happy. In a way I admire them. Still I love to learn about the rest of the word.

I know I called my self a modern hermit in an earlier blog post (one with an internet connection, telephone and a car) and I still feel like one. Maybe I am an International Modern Hermit

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