Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Reading Skype and Skype’s website

What does
Wikipedia say about 'reading': Reading (activity), an activity performed by a human”
Not a too difficult to understand explanation. Or??

Replying to posts on the forum I changed my mind about the easy grade of this activity.
Or maybe the skill of reading is an old fashioned activity, I don’t know anymore.

Reading seems extremely difficult now a days. Maybe caused by stress, overloaded minds or agenda’s but people seem not to read anymore.
You can create an excellent
manual and knowledge base but people ask the odd questions.
We read them from “how do I call another Skype contact on Skype” or even “What happens when I click the green button with the telephone icon?” to more important questions like “How do I get an invoice”.

This is a question I replied to over the past few days.
A business owner and administrator of the
control panel (Skype for business) sent a support ticket to Skype because he wanted to know how to get an invoice his purchases. True, he received a confusing reply to his personal account: “Thank you for contacting Skype Support.These are allocations from Skype for Business Control panel - not your own purchases accordingly you cannot see the invoice as these are allocations.”

This should ring a bell with most users who would have logged on to their control panel to find out where the invoice was.
No, not with this user. He found the forum and asked for help. At first I understood his question wrong but soon I figured out what the real problem was and guided him through the process to find his invoices “Please go to your account page, click "view administration page" (if you are the administrator of the control panel), then click "company settings" (top tab), then click in the left hand menu "order list". Look for the month in which you purchased credits of from which you need an invoice. Right to the order you will find "get invoice"

His reply amused me and made me smile. This user reminds me of my dog who has a similar stubborn character and who loves to have the last say. The reply was “
again - its easier to just send this link to the client

I couldn’t refuse to post “And it is definitely less time consuming to browse the possibilities of your control panel before sending tickets and posting on the forum ”

I am a true believer of reading manuals. It takes time and maybe you are not always in the mood for it but in the long term it is definitely time saving.

Reading, I started doing this when I was 5 and learned how to spell. Sitting on my knees on the floor, I tried to spell the newspaper. My little finger followed every word.
The zest for reading never ended, I still read many books and articles. Books are all over the house so I can read when ever I like.

To me reading is a blessing and not a burden. And to all who seldom read: don’t make it a burden.
Reading makes your world a more relaxed one, and not only when it comes to understanding the full use of Skype and its features!

Of course if your reading is not successful, you are welcome to the
forum where other readers will help you out. But please, read the forum rules and explore the forum sections first!! And (I almost forgot to mention) search before posting your problem. Most questions have been asked before.

You see it all comes down to reading…


  1. I agree with your reading story, although i sometimes also sin!

    Some people wonder how i do know some time saving tricks in Excel ... through reading the manual (in the past) of course.

    Just try CTRL+;

    But sometimes i really believed i was the first one having THIS problem and i posted a question on the Skype Forum without checking first ... you are right, i should have checked first!

  2. I find this a bit scary....... we seem to agree quite a lot lately! :-)