Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Venice Project, now called “Joost”

Yes, I am taking part in Beta testing the Venice
(Joost) Project and no, I am not going to write anything about it or about what I see and hear during testing.
I am a good girl who takes the NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) very seriously.
And why should I write about it as others publish already so much?

Greg Sandoval wrote an article about “Joost” and states that the name doesn’t mean anything in Swedish or Danish. Though in Dutch it is a boys name, pronounced Johst with a loooong “o” (no, not "oo" as in school but "o" as in host).

The name Joost is also part of an expression: “Joost mag het weten” (free translation: Joost will know) which you say in a desperate mood as a reply to a question you can’t answer because you don’t know.

But this case Joost does know. The plan, according to Joost CEO Fredrik de Wahl, is to offer studios, cable stations and anyone else who wants to distribute high-quality video over the internet, a fast, efficient and cheap distribution method. To do this, the company will rely on the peer-to-peer technology that helped Friis and Zennström build Kazaa and Skype.

What Joost has going for it is that the software replicates the TV-viewing experience better than many of the other companies trying to wed TV to the PC. And this is a time when
Hollywood is experimenting with the internet.

To me the new name Joost sounds good!

Read the full article of Greg Sandoval


  1. To me the name Joost means nothing, but i will remember it of course, as it is a Dutch name.

  2. Norman Musgrave3:19 pm

    In my opinion Joost is set to become a very exciting addition to many who use their computers for enjoyment as well as business.
    Looking at it from a product marketing point of view, however, I wonder if a better, more descriptive and internationally understood name could have been found.
    I've been on the 'waiting list' for beta testers for a while but no luck so far.
    Norman Musgrave