Thursday, January 25, 2007

Is it possible to fall in love with a Skype Phone?

Just a few hours ago I bogged about the
Nikko Star Wars Lightsaber Skype Phone
But now I stumbled upon an article about a phone my taste.
Slim, modern, shiny, appealing, beautiful. I think I fell in love with Futiro’s new line of Skype phones.

raises the bar in VoIP phone design. With a full telephone keypad, the Luna effortlessly integrates with Skype and its hands-free feature enables you to use your keyboard while you talk. Priced 75 USD.

with it’s strong clean lines and simple four-button
design of the keypad make for intuitive interaction with Skype. Priced 55 USD.

Futiro Solo is a palm-sized portable VoIP phone with its
own attractive carry-case which pops easily into a laptop case or your inside pocket. Priced 65 USD.

The only disadvantage is the USB cable. Someone commented “so yesterday”. Still the design is beautiful.

Hopefully Futiro will add a wireless phone with a similar design to their product line soon.

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  1. Yes, it looks great, well done *THUMBS UP*!