Friday, January 26, 2007

Never give out your password on Skype

Unfortunately there are people who pretend to be a Skype Employee organizing a Skypecast called Skype Tech Help asking the users for their passwords.

One of them assured me in a Skype chat that they do this for fun. They are with a couple of friends who pretend to be users with technical issues giving out their (of course) fake passwords.

He/she also assured me if someone was giving a password, they were not going to use it. Plus they informed that they keep organizing these Skypecasts so be warned!

Fortunately Skypecasts like these can be reported as inappropriate and Skype will take immediate action.

I don’t think it is funny and I don’t think I am born stupid so don’t believe people who do things like this for fun.
But there are still people out there who trust others and can’t tell the difference between good and bad people.
Therefore a blog post about NEVER giving out your password when someone is asking for it. NEVER.

We have put up the following
warning at the forum which says it all:

This is a general warning. Never give out your password when you are asked for it. If you forgot your password only use the
password recovery feature at the official Skype page.Support people never need your password to solve your problems or to look into your account.

Skype Support for example will NEVER ask for your password. Just your username is sufficient to find you in the database and look into your issue.We are aware that there are fake Skypecasts and (Public) Chats where users pretending to be “Skype Tech Support” or“Skype Employee” are asking for your login details.

Never give out your password on any communication channel (Skype call, Skypecast, Chat, E-Mail...) to live people!

Read and practice, I hate to see someone being a victim of dishonest people.

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  1. This is bad. Hope they will put a stop on this SOON!