Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Skype’s new pricing structure, what's next, and what to make of it all

A week ago, Skype
announced it’s new pricing plan followed by a lot of publicity on the Internet.
Numerous articles arrived in my inbox and I could have published on my blog too.
Though I have chosen to wait until Skype’s official
announcement today.

Apart from reading all the articles, I have also participated in several Skype chats and read every post on the forum about it.
People were on forehand extremely disappointed about the connection fee of € 0,039. This is as much as two calling minutes on top of the usual SkypeOut rates. (Not within the US and Canada).
I agree with everyone that this makes SkypeOut far more expensive. Place 20 calls per week and you “lost” € 0,78 (or 40 calling minutes). For now, I am far from happy with it

But Skype says it is all part of a new calling plan structure . Soon we will be able to sign up for SkypePro and I am very curious if this makes my calls cheaper as I understand that only calling in your own country will cost a connection fee but no calling minutes.

Unfortunately I do not use Skype for calling within Holland. I have a mobile subscription of € 2,50 per month with 500 free calling minutes (and that is an awful lot!!) and NO connection fee.
Perhaps I am going to use Skype more often with Skype Pro but then again, with 100 calls per month, I already paid more then my mobile subscription costs.

I would love to drop my landline for Skype but unfortunately I need it for faxing and there are no Dutch SkypeIn numbers. Right now it feels that I am going to spend more money instead of saving it like in the past.
I still trust Skype to come up with a really good money saving plan and I will be patient but for now I am a bit worried…….

Jaanus explains more on Skype’s Blog.


  1. We seem to agree that it will cost us more!
    Skype will loose customers, or at least will see a drop in consumption of SkypeOut minutes!

    I already lowered my "local" callings through SkypeOut!

  2. Yes, we do Jean :-(
    I can't see how Skype can make this up with us.


  3. Well, once SkypePro is out, it will be still cheaper for me than it is now

    I will standby and wait.

    I have read both of your blog's posts (Ike and yours, Jean) but I decided to keep mine a bit less emotional :)