Friday, August 18, 2006

Varras Consultancy à la Crème

Usually recipes are passed on from mother to daughter and date way back.
Each generation adds their own “little touch” to bake a unique product.
Not with “
Varras Consultancy à la crème”: a complete new recipe.


Reliable Electricity Network
Reliable Internet Connection with sufficient bandwidth
PC or Laptop with enough Memory
Genuine software
Program called Skype
Excellent knowledge of the program Skype
Reliable sound devices of your choice (I recommend USB headsets such as
Bluetooth or adapters for landline- and Skype calls, VoIP phones of the brand Tiptel).
Foreign languages (English is a must!)

Note: different brands of clients require differing quantities of language skills to produce a good service.

Mix Electricity and Internet Connection into a spacious and good quality Laptop or PC.
Add a certified OS and mix well to produce a good smooth working Tool.
Do not stir too long, this might cause crashes. Also do not place in a hot and moist environment.
Download Skype and add your knowledge (this is VERY important, do not leave out!!)

Make a choice of the available hardware. When you prepared the Tool well, you can use different devices at the same time.
Add the software of your device(s) to your Tool and follow the instructions of the Manufacturer.
Last but not least add only the best quality of co-workers otherwise it might not rise well.

When your product is finished, connect to the Internet and decorate with the finest quality of clients.

Keeps well and improves over the years. Tip: do not keep in a Tin, this will deteriorate the sound quality!

Bon Business!


  1. What means "do not keep in a Tin, this will deteriorate the sound quality!"?

    With certified OS you mean no Windows 98/ME?


  2. Nafcom, most bakery (cakes, bread etc) keep well in a tin. But with my recipe, the sound will become a bit strange :-) (word-play)
    Don't use illegal Microsoft or any other software..