Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Skype on my mobile

There are different companies offering this nice feature but up till now it was either not available for my specific mobile (I am so attached to my Ericsson Z600) or it didn’t work with my many contacts.

Although I belong behind my desk, operating Skype from my laptop, occasionally I am away from the office. Don’t worry, my wonderful co-workers take over so you don’t know I am not there.

I have the
Tiptel Cyberbox250 connected to Skype and my landline which makes it possible for me to phone my landline where ever I am, enter a code to connect to Skype and then enter the speed dial of my contact.
But Skype needs to run on my Laptop which needs to be connected of course, to the Internet.

I now pre-registered with VoxLib which is promising Skype calls from any mobile.
I can’t find out from their introduction site if your PC needs to be connected to the Internet.
We’ll see. It will be launched the 11th of September.

More info can be read


  1. Strange date to launch something, but i am not superstitious anyway!

  2. The date never rang a bell with me....
    Maybe a tribute to free America as this would save the caller money with SkypeOut calls being free till the end of 2006? I try to think positive.

  3. Anonymous2:50 pm

    Agreed that it would be great to get a solution that works not only on high-end cell phones. Thanks for the link.

  4. I have tested the AU-600. It is a simular devices. You could build interesting different services around this concept...

  5. Anonymous6:56 pm


    It's now live I tried it. It works just great. Thanks for the advice