Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A brand new Skype Support Forum

The regular visitor and especially the Volunteers already noticed at times that the old Forum got crowded and small. Occasionally we had to wait for our submitted post to appear after 1-2 minutes. A long time if you know there is still much to do for you.

IM’s with: “Is it my browser or is it the Forum speed again” or “Admin, can someone check the server?” were quite common.
But I shouldn’t complain too much as lately the speed was doing well.

Months ago a brand new Forum was discussed by the Admin’s and Mod’s. Beta testing had to be done but still it took a while before we could start the final testing.
It was fun, meaningful announcements and stupid test posts (“Yummy, Estonian blood sausages” “Yuk”) were submitted to read and to play with.

The different set-up caused different views, ideas and above all questions.
“I am qualified as a Newbie…” “Can I please have my old name back” “Where do I find the Mod tools?” etc. etc.
Our Admin Terminus remained patient but I am 99% certain he must have run his fingers through his hair in deep despair reading our IM’s in the Moderator chat.
The best thing about chats is that you can’t hear desperate yell’s… I never dared to ask if he ever did yell.

Comments and bugs were posted on a special Wiki page and looked after within 24 hours.
Hurry, hurry because the migration date was set to August 16 – 2006.

And Skype managed the migration…. A big Hurray and even bigger Thank You to our Admin and those who worked together with him to design this user friendly and workable Support Tool. Believe me, it has been a hell of a job!

new Forum requires registering and logging on with your Skype User name and password. This alone will prevent the Forum from being Spammed as frequently as before (and boy, do we like this!).

And? Job done? Can we sit back and relax? No, I shouldn’t think so.
We had time to play and to get used to the forum: the ‘my account’ page, preferences, editing, but our visitors are going to explore from today on.

Being more recognizable by our new badges (Super Users will have their very own, like the Mod’s and Staff) we will without doubt, receive PM’s. Please do, we are here to help.

We are all standby, replying to personal requests like getting the
old Forum name back, as soon as possible. Our job isn’t done yet but working is going to be fun, we know the majority of members will enjoy the new Forum as much as we do.

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  1. Well done Ike, I'll keep on waiting for my old (low) Forum profile