Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Skype accounts used to conduct miscreant business?

Fraud can be a very hot item on Skype’s Support Forum.
Either users don’t understand Skype’s Anti Fraud Policy or they are furious because Skype has “stolen” their money, taken from their bank for their non existing Skype account.
Of course Skype does not steal money. No money is taken from any (bank)account without the permission of the owner. If money is taken, it is Fraud committed by someone else.

Yes, Skype’s Fraud restrictions are tight. Not without reason….

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According to the keynote speaker at this year's Conference on Email and Antispam (CEAS), spam is still driven by bands of underground Internet miscreants driven by a lust for money and mischief.
Rob Thomas, CEO and research fellow with Internet security think-tank Team Cymru, opened the third annual gathering of antispam researchers and software engineers with a lively presentation on the 'underground economy.'

Thomas said in his work with clients he has come across villains who are driving a mature and robust economy that continues to expand.
"It's grown well beyond [credit] cards, warez and porn... now you can get everything; credit cards, CVV [credit card verification numbers], bots, bot code, DoS nets" and even U.S. visas, birth certificates and passports, which can go for as much as $500 each.

Thomas talked about the communication methods used by these miscreants to interact including a variety of different instant messaging, peer-to-peer and stolen Skype VoIP accounts. He said the Skype accounts used to conduct miscreant business are usually used in pairs and, once used, are disposed of..

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