Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Skype on a stick

Using Skype in an Internet Café can be tricky. Your Skype name remains on the computer. Of course you can delete it after logging off from Skype by copy - paste "%AppData%\Skype" into your web browser and then deleting the folder with your Skype name.

And don't panic when you suddenly realize that you kept your account running in the Café. Log on to your account page aSkype, change your password and log on to your Skype account. The other account will shut down.

Much safer is Skype on a USB stick. My colleague Beta Tester Tami blogged about how to do this in “
Skype on a Flash

But there are other solutions like the
Flashphone F4K from Mplat.
The FlashPhone F4K is a USB personal communicator for internet VoIP software, the FlashPhone has embedded the audio device, Bluetooth dongle and flash driver in small size. You can download and install softphone in the flash driver, make/receive the free internet call at FlashPhone, save your chat history and transfer files to your flash driver.Transfer the Skype call to your bluetooth headset.

A great tool!

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