Monday, August 14, 2006

Authorization Requests

All Skypers know them, those little pop-ups in which others ask you to add them to your contact list.
My private account is set to only receive chat messages from the people in my list. The only option for others to contact me is to ask for authorization.
These requests come in all sorts. 80% of the people is not creative, the rest is.

We western ladies seem to be popular with men from Turkey, Pakistan and Egypt, age range 20 – 35. Often I think they did not even read my profile, let’s be honest, why would a 20 year old “love to talk” to a 51 year old…
Before I changed my privacy settings, I once received a message from a 25 year old from Australia who acted like a lucky man who was finally going to meet his date during his trip to Holland. “How far are you from Amsterdam, can we go out for dinner, a walk, holding hands” He kept sending IM’s until I asked him to take the effort to view my profile. Needless to say I didn’t receive a message in return!
But my favourite request came from someone from Africa, male, age 34: “I love old woman
Thank you very much!! :-)

If they know you as Skype’s Mod, they truly believe you give 24/7 support. Requests like: “Please add me to your contacts for when I have a support question for myself and my friends” are frequent.
No Sweetie, I have a business to run.

I designed an ‘automatic reply’ in which I direct the ‘contact to be’ to Skype’s Support e-mail address or the forum where many know more then one.
Most reply nice and understanding with a polite: “Thank you and I apologize for contacting you” They receive a smile in return.
Bu not everybody is happy with my message. I receive replies from “F*** you! Bad Service!@#@” to “Go to Hell Bitch!!!!” This last one received my reply “You just tried to phone to Hell….

‘Business’ wise, requests are wrapped in words like: “I want to do business with you, please lets talk about signing contracts now” Or: “I need you for business, please add me immediately as I need a Visum to come and stay with you.”
To be honest, I prefer the one “I love old woman”……..

But very occasionally a request arrives of which you think it is ok to accept. And they always turn out to be nice, educating and a bonus to the already wonderful people in my list.
People who do not only ask but who also give, each in their own way.
People with a Heart, a good sense of humour and from whom I can learn. People who turn out to live almost next door but also at the other end of the world. Special people!!
A hug to all of you!


  1. We Western men seem to be popular with women from former Eastern European countries, age category undetermined! ;-)
    Once i was contacted by a woman of about 35. I asked her "why do you want to be in my contact list?". She answered: "wait i send you a picture". If the picture was hers, she was very pretty. I told her: "Nice picture, but why do you want to be in my contact list?" :-)))
    She stopped chatting, probably she was and pretty and intelligent, and understood i was not interested! However, "I love woman" ;-)

  2. I have exactly the same problem with the same people but on ICQ; they think I am a pretty girl from Germany :D

    I also receive support requests for ICQ since people found out I know a lot about ICQ and that ICQ has no more support!

    The best one was "Question: What´s wrong with the game pool?
    Repair it fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you Boon !On Monday i want play pool ! It is not running then you become stress!"

  3. carlos de leon7:49 pm

    hi ike,
    as i guess i´m in your list, i return your hug and add a kiss.
    an argentinian rock legend sings: "alguien en el mundo piensa en ti" (someone in the world thinks of you)
    when i finish my couple of thousand things of my "to-do-list" i promise i´ll blog something funny.
    keep on smiling!
    carlos de montevideo,uy

  4. Carlos, de aperto e o beijo é bem-vindo e apreciado!