Wednesday, August 23, 2006

For our US and Canadian readers: Turn your PC into a Skype Gateway

Televoce's PontiVoce (PonTEE VO-che) Server is an interesting piece of software that lets you create a 100% software-based Skype (
News - Alert) gateway that leverages the Skype API to turn your PC into a Skype gateway for relaying calls. It's worth pointing out that Skype has offered free phone calls within the U.S. and Canada to help acquire more Skype users.
Using TeleVoce solution, you can extend this "free offer" to friends and family outside this free calling zone. All you do is find a friend in this free calling zone who has Skype running on his or her PC -- along with the PontiVoce server piece installed. The PontiVoce server can serve any number of users, but only one at a time. When the server PC is used to relay a call, the PC cannot be used for other Skype calls and the PC audio is dedicated to the call.
Tom Keating reports on News TCM Net

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  1. Anonymous4:04 pm

    I tried using PontiVoce and it simply doesn't work the way it has been advertised.
    Aside from “informative” name and the fact that TeleVoce sells a raw product I’ve experienced the following issues:
    1. It is audio driver dependent. It may not work on computers which have high definition audio drivers installed;
    2. Instead of forwarding calls right away it sets up a conference call and calls you back;
    3. It mutes audio when you make calls.
    4. It crashed a few times without producing any descriptive logs.
    PontiVoce is not free. There are free Skype plug-ins which actually work as a phone gateway.