Thursday, August 31, 2006

Skype’s age display policy for minors

Sometimes people find it extremely annoying that they can’t search for users younger then 20. Skype received many requests on the Forum to lower the age limit to 14 or 12.

Unfortunately there are people out there who take advantage of minors. And not with the best intentions!!
There is a whole topic about this subject on our Forum. MuppetMaster copied and posted a
terrifying story

Still it happens. Another example is the the
12-year-old girl from the UK who started using Skype to chat to her father but inadvertently switched on a setting that displays customer details to all other Skype users: the SkypeMe mode.
She received a chat message from another Skype customer which she ignored. However, according to the girl's father, within seconds the same person started a video call via a webcam and his daughter was faced with a man exposing himself to her.

It is impossible for Skype to protect every minor but limiting the age search range to 20 is a good start.

Both articles must be read as a huge warning; as well for children as their parents. There are still big bad Wolves out there, often dressed in sheep clothes….


  1. ICQ does actually the same thing, but I think the limit should be set to 18. in most countries 18 = adult.

  2. A logical thought though there are a very view countries where the adult age is 20 and Skyper is used in these countries too.