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Special people: MicheauX

In an
earlier blog post I mentioned that I very seldom add people who ask for authorization, to my private contact list. But if I do, these people turn out to be special.
I would like to highlight some of these people and of course with their permission!

MicheauX is one of these special people.
We met not too long ago; July 2006. I received a late phone call which I missed. I replied the following day and asked how we could help.
MicheauX: “On one of your posts you said 'most' usb phones with SkypeMate only allow 1 Skype user at a time, do you know any usb phones that DO allow you to use multiple users on one PC? I travel a lot, I have multiple businesses and I don't wish to carry multiple phones. I’m currently using the XACT XVP620, which is a great phone. I have been able to setup multiple users through Windows XP, but I have tried to run multiple versions of SkypeMate to no avail. Thanks for your help!”

Unfortunately I had to reply that there is no other software like SkypeMate that can handle multiple accounts.

Frome there on our conversations were about Bluetooth headset, dongles, laptops, our services, his business and music.

MicheauX turned out to be a singer of White Soul. I visited his
website and listened to some beautiful songs: “Resti 2 tion” , “All I need”, “What you wouldn’t do”.
I learned so much more about my new contact who I authorized because he was nice, polite and intelligent.

His Soulful, funky, R&B sound carries a positive message in a language that anyone can relate to. Even I with my love for Classical and Celtic Music. There is a message in MicheauX’s songs that should be heard by all of us. He connects with today’s generation in a very personal way, sharing his own life experience and how he overcame many obstacles.

Breaking the Barriers between Soul, Funk and Gospel, “Just MicheauX” brings infectious hard driving rhythms and silky smooth vocals to deliver a message of love, peace and hope for a better future.

The mixture of modern R&B and funky 70’s Soul is comprised of 14 musicians from the Austin Texas area and is produced and recorded by MicheauX and mastered by Tom Coyne, Sterling Sound, New York, NY. (Selected credits: Maxwell, D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Sade, Yolanda Adams, Beyonce and Jessica Simpson).

The Soul singer’s style is often compared to that of Maxwell, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, and The Isley Brothers.

He creates a symphony of sounds with each song and conveys a wide range of moods throughout the album. From smooth soul (All I Need), to Urban hip hop (Hey Girl, Hey Playa), to funk and R&B (Restitution); the beat, pace, and rhythm of the music has the ability to stimulate and motivate.

When asked where his inspiration comes from MicheauX says, “What motivates me is working with ‘at risk’ youth. I want to bring them a positive message of hope that will help keep them in school, away from drugs and a life of crime. Knowing their lives are being affected by the message in the music, is the highest achievement. In this post 9/11 age, we are focusing more on spiritual growth, an introspective look at our lifestyle, and what is truly important. The ‘me first’ attitude of the 90’s has less appeal when we look at the ‘big picture’ and ask ourselves; What really matters in this life? The record stimulates this kind of thinking. We need much more than the shallowness of ‘booty shaking’ R&B and the ‘New Age’ messages many neo-soul songs offer, but we still want to feel the rhythm, to love, move, and be stirred by the soul of great music.”

MicheauX takes a very honest approach to songwriting tackling tough issues from his personal experience that face our generation. He boldly presses forward unafraid to disturb the ‘sacred cows’ of mixing traditionally spiritual messages with a decidedly ‘secular’ medium, claiming the necessity to reach those who would otherwise not hear this message. A far cry from the ‘me too’ sounds that permeate our airwaves, ‘Just MicheauX’ brings unique innovation to the worlds of Soul, Funk, and Gospel music.

“I don’t preach or push religion,” MicheauX says in an earlier interview. “I do have convictions and values; messages about ‘real life’ issues and survival come through in my songs. You can also sing about love without being obscene or trashy. It is a beautiful thing between married couples who love each other unconditionally. Here in America we crave sex, money, power, and overindulge in everything that is self-gratifying. We need inspiration to help counteract all of this. This is what I try to provide through my music”.

Since the beginning of 2002, he has been a volunteer Chaplain for the Texas Youth Commission (A State Juvenile Corrections Agency). He used this position to birth a powerful halfway house ministry for teenage young men through weekly bible studies and monthly musical concerts with various Christian artists. He also gives the youth a chance to show their skills by hosting freestyle rap contests. The winners receive prizes such as free CDs and even recording sessions on site. This ministry has touched many lives resulting in some great success stories. The young men also receive follow up ministry and assistance with church placement when they leave the halfway house.

MicheauX’s ultimate goal is to work full time with youth in halfway houses and prisons all over the world. With so much negative music and images bombarding our youth today, he tries to provide an alternative positive message. He believes it’s never too late for them to change their lives.

MicheauX (pronounced Mishow), originally his middle name, began singing solos at the age of nine. At only twelve years of age, he began learning the art of recording and sound mixing and performed throughout his teens.

In the 90s, he began travelling with the late B.J. Phillips, a worldwide youth motivational speaker. He travelled extensively with B.J. for three years, providing music for youth and witnessed many lives changed.

MicheauX was the Director of Sound at Bastrop Christian Outreach Center (the largest church in Bastrop County) and served as a worship leader for Sunday morning services and special events.
In the late 90s, MicheauX teamed up with Rodney Walker, Youth Pastor in Austin, Texas. He led the youth praise and worship teams, and performed for youth services and special events. Presently, MicheauX is a member of St. James Missionary Baptist Church where Dr. B.W. McClendon is the Senior Pastor.

Over the years, he has had the opportunity to travel, speak, and sing at many festivals, conferences, camps, schools, churches, and correctional institutions.

In July 2003, MicheauX caught the eye of promoter, Malika Smith, of Club Praize Magazine. His unique, fresh sound prompted Malika to send him to perform for ‘Showtime at the Apollo’ in New York City. Four months later, MicheauX was opening for Stellar Award wining Gospel group, ‘Trin-i-tee 5:7’.

In the spring of 2004, MicheauX completed his self-titled album, ‘Just MichauX’. Multi-talented; he produced, arranged, performed, recorded and mixed his debut album in his own professional project recording studio. He also wrote most of the music and thought provoking lyrics you hear on the record.

MicheauX, I can only say that I am proud to have you as my contact and hope to witness a long and successful career, listening to your CD “Just MicheauX”. God bless you.

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