Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Add a sense of humour…….

The Internet is my office; my business is “out there”. Well, sort of. Of course I sit behind a real desk with a real laptop surrounded by the best quality hardware, running excellent software. I make my tea in a real kitchen, drink it sitting on a real office chair, talk to real people and live from real money.
I am not building castles in the air. No, Varras Consultancy is a serious business.

But when I started it, I couldn’t imagine how much humour there is to a business that is using Skype and therefore the Internet.

I can reveal that I live in a small house in a small village in the middle of the country side in the lovely
North of Holland. My view is fields, trees and a canal. I can see the boats passing by, birds playing in the air and watch my ‘neighbours’ the Frisian cows, grazing.
Friesland is famous for its endless panorama’s and unspoilt sunsets. All part of my view.

Sitting behind my desk, watching the bleu sky or the clouds passing by, I think of my clients and point to the horizon. “Company so and so is out there and such and such is there”. No borders, from where I sit, I can work for everyone who needs our services.

Likewise for my team of wonderful people. They live spread all over the world but virtually we walk in and out of each others office in seconds. No matter where they are based, the Internet is our office building.

A while ago, being away from my office, I met a friend who asked me how we are doing. Loving my job, I replied enthusiastic. Next question was: “Any new clients in Friesland?” Why Friesland? My clients are in Ireland, Australia, London, the US….
“Yes of course, funny though! But who is looking after them and your office now?”
Ah… today my colleague in Florida, next week my colleague in South Africa…
My friend gave me a big smile.

Yes, it is definitely a business with a sense of humour.

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