Saturday, August 12, 2006

Moderators and Spammers

What is a Moderator?
A moderator is someone who has access to the tools to maintain certain aspects of a Community Forum. Only an Admin has access to all the tools.

The Moderators at Skype can move, delete, edit, split and lock posts. We can also check IP’s and ban spammers.
We are with 6 Mod’s: 1 in Canada, 1 in the US, 1 in Spain, 1 in Germany, 1 in Romania and 1 in Holland. All together we are 24 hours per day active. Very needed because Spammers don’t sleep!

What is a Spammer? (in my opinion)
A Spammer at Skype's Forum is someone who is posting non Skype related nonsense; advertisements for watches, cars, PC’s, mobile phones, Med’s and yes of course the well known Viagra.
I think we all agree they do not belong at Skype’s Support Forum.

But also people who post for the sake of posting non Skype related nonsense without advertising any product, can be called Spammers.
Some are Spammers without realizing it. They are just friendly people who are happy to be on a Forum where 100.000 other members post their Support requests.
They browse the posts that nobody replied to and start answering. Often these are posts from 2003! And not even always support requests. These Spammers are very quick and manage to post 30+ replies overnight.
If you send them a friendly PM in which you ask not to reply to old posts from 2003, you receive a very friendly PM in return with the question: “Please tell me, what is 2003?” And believe me, they aren’t joking!

Other Spammers are bored and have chosen the Forum to entertain them selves. Messages like “Hello :-)” are common. We try to move them to the Skype Me forum hoping for others to reply and who knows Mr. / Mrs. Hello finds a new friend.

The worst Spammers are those who posted a problem but who go on and on about it after the problem is solved.
Although the volunteers try to offer support as soon as possible, often with the needed help of Skype’s Support department, it can unfortunately take a while before the problem is 100% solved. Fortunately these Spammers are of a rare breed.

But…. and this happened to me, forum members can experience a Moderator as a Spammer.
6800 replies to support requests and one member who just joined the forum, used his 3rd post to ask who Ike was. “
Who is Ike, is Ike a Spammer?

Now I am confused: should my header have been: “Modespammers and Spammerators” ???

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