Sunday, November 26, 2006

Weekend jobs

This weekend I have been working on my new bedroom.

Friday night I sandpapered all the beams, cleaned them to let them dry overnight. Then I painted the doorpost which was custom made and hand fitted by a friend in the village. A thin coat of white ground-colour made most of the plain wood disappear.

Saturday morning I was up early and after the usual little household jobs and feeding the little zoo, I painted the doorpost for the second time and it almost looked finished.

Next I coloured another tin of ground-colour slightly yellow and painted the beams: a total of 16 metres of beams on each side. They have never been looked after at all and after 25 years you could hear them suck up the paint.

Then I sandpapered the door, used quite a lot of filler for the holes (this door had a terrible life before at arrived at my house. I got it for free so you don’t hear me complaining).

I noticed I needed some more tools from the DIY shop and off I went for my shopping’s so all paint and filler could further dry. I dislike the usual shopping so much but I can spend hours in the DIY shop.

Back home the beams were dry enough to use the filler for all those numerous little nail holes in those 32 metres. It puzzled me why there were so many.
I like a rustic beam and don’t mind natural holes and bumps but a pair of nicely round holes repeated each 30 cm. is not my idea of rustic.

In the meantime it was time to go and see my mother who didn’t have the best day of her life. Her Heart beat was slow which caused some breathing problems. She said she was alright but her blood pressure and skin colour told a different story. I cooked us a nice dinner and Mum felt much better afterwards.
I am afraid I wasn’t her most entertaining guest because I fell asleep after dinner.

Round 8 PM I “dragged” myself home, spent a quite night in on my comfortable settee, covered in two lazy cats and went to bed early.

Sunday up early again and after my visit to Mum and spent the rest of my day painting. First the doorpost with a coat of the white final paint. Still one coat to go and that is off my To Do List.
During the afternoon my cousins arrived with 10 litres of wall paint, a little gift from them with which I am more then happy!
But my cousin soon discovered that his wife brought the wrong bucket. This was paint as well but slightly structured which once belonged to their son. Not what I had in mind but she had a point that putting this on an old wall, would give a nice view.

After they left I worked hard on the last beams so I could paint one wall before I was going to cook dinner for Mum and me. But when I opened the bucket, it wasn’t paint. It was a white powder for making filler.
So no wall tonight, shame but there are other nights to come although I am behind schedule already.

Instead I sandpapered the door again and gave it the first coat of ground-colour.

And now I have an early night off. Or is there something else I can do before bedtime?
Or will I be wise and relax?

First food, good healthy food, I am very, very hungry.


  1. Delighted to learn that the refurbishment of your house is progressing well.
    Hope your cold is now better.
    That's what happens when you lie upside down in a cold room pretending to be a bat!
    I enjoy reading your blogs.
    It's as if I were visiting you and seeing everything take shape before my eyes.
    I'm still not sure how you find the time to do it all!
    Norman Musgrave.

  2. Thank you for your encouraging comments, much appreciated Norman.

    I pretend to have 14 days in a week instead of 7. It often works but not always...

    Yes, my cold is much better. My thermometer-avatar is replaced for one with a bucket of paint :-)