Sunday, November 12, 2006

Skype, Marktplaats, paint, polystyrene, dust

Throw it all in a bowl and you have the perfect mix for my daily doses of “entertainment”.

It is Autumn. The typical smell, the turning of the leaves, the rain, it is all providing me with an enormous boost of energy. This happens every year and I am used to it.
I am a child of the North, a forest “animal” and like all those animals; I am extremely active getting ready for the winter.

Of course I don’t hide in my cave to do my winter sleep (although I am going to feel like it soon). Still I am working on my cave: my new bedroom.
I bought my fist Polystyrene to insolate. I am doing the lower part of the slope roof first to organize the belongings that will be stored there. Out of the way means space.

I have put 2 packages up and vacuumed in between the packages; cutting Polystyrene is a dusty job: it flies and sticks everywhere!

I also painted the first beam: “Summer Yellow” the label says. My cousin visited me today and says she knows a cheap address for quality paint. I ordered 10 litres of white for the walls and roof.

The fun is that I have a very tight budget. A challenge I love.
I have put up quite a few ad’s on
Marktplaats to subsidise the decorating and I am not doing too bad.
At the same time I browsed Marktplaats for items I want to use for the interior. And it looks like that I found the lamps I want, the Grand Foulard for the bed and some deco items all fitting in with what I have in mind, like pieces of a puzzle called “bedroom”

I have to admit that it is a huge job for one person but I know already how the end result will look like and I am slowly but steady, working towards it.
I only wished I could live a double life: 18 hours of work and Skype and 24 hours for decorating.

Work of course is still no. 1. It is possible to answer (Skype)calls in a dusty outfit but it is not recommendable to hit the keyboard with sticky paint fingers!!

Tomorrow I am having a meeting with my client in Heerenveen but Ike wouldn’t be Ike if she hadn’t found the elegant white / brass lamps for her new room on her way to the meeting and the “Grand Foulards” on her way back.

Back home, there is a lot of work on the Forum waiting for me. Usually I am also active during the weekend but yesterday and today I have been dedicated to the top floor.

Skype…. Much happened the past week like the introduction of 3.0 Public Beta.
I did not mention it because the Press published about it world wide. What other news could I add?
Though it was fun. One of my contacts, knowing I am a Beta Tester, tried to get info from me by asking intelligent tricky question.
But a signed NDA sealed my lips and causes red warning lights flashing all over whenever someone starts asking about new features.
Though hours after 3.0 Beta was launched, my contact sent me an IM: “Ike, I think I can now predict when the new Beta version will be launched!!”
I felt almost sorry to tell him that happened hours before. Maybe I should have sent him the
link as soon as it was on line…… sorry, I forgot.

Skype also reached the 8.000.000 users on line simultaneously. Two days later then predicted by
Jean Mercier who is always very accurate. He has a nose for it.

I love 3.0, Skype made a huge step forwards and much to the benefit of
Varras Consultancy!


  1. Anonymous2:03 pm

    YEAHHHHH !! Marktplaats is a great place to snoop around, we just bought ourselves a brand "new" second hand kitchen for our new house. Not to mention to sell things you are done with.
    Big Hug Gré

  2. No, i don't have a nose for those things, perhaps for other things ;-)

    I just look at the trends of graphs, and have some historical knowledge in my mind! This is not to difficult!